The weather had finally warmed to the teens above and the sun began shining in earnest at the beginning of April so on a couple of afternoons after work, Patty and I hopped on our machines and just went riding for the sheer joy of it.


April is usually a busy month as the days are longer and warmer. On April 5th the Kobuk 440 (miles) dogsled race started from Kotzebue and by the fourth day all the musher's had crossed the finish line back in Kotz. This race is unusual because all the musher's start at once rather than a timed start.

On April 7th the Archie Ferguson/Willie Goodwin Memorial snowmachine race was held. Patty and I went out with other EMT's from the Firedepartment to stage for any emergency. We did punch some holes to fish as we knew we would be out there for 4-5 hours but the spot was chosen more for saftey and response time than for the fishing. Fortunately all the racers made it home safely and in one piece.

I traveled to the village of Shungnak on April 11 and stayed for two nights. The Arctic is showing signs of spring as the land reluctantly sheds some of its mantel of snow.

Just a couple of more taken on the 22nd as we still try to catch some Sheefish for the freezer.



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